Prohibited Customers and Sectors

Verified Payments, UAB will not establish relations with the following:

  • Customers related to sexually oriented materials or services providers, human trafficking;
  • Counterfeited products providers;
  • Customers related to unlawful gambling activities;
  • Customers related to defense, munitions, and explosives;
  • Customers related to illegal purchase or sale of tobacco, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances;
  • Unlawful trade of currency (Forex), binary options, or other products prohibited by law;
  • Multi-level marketing;
  • Services associated with pseudo-science (e.g. clairvoyance, psychic readings, fortune telling, numerology, horoscopes);
  • Unlicensed payment or trading services;
  • Religious organizations;
  • Unregulated charities;
  • Shell banks or other entities that provide services to shell banks;
  • Customers related to drug trafficking or trade;
  • Legal entities that issued bearer shares;
  • Informal banking system (example Hawala);
  • Crypto exchange that does not offer traditional exchange services and provides only P2P exchange services
  • Individuals who use Verifo account in crypto P2P trading activities