2FA Authentication enabled

Wise men say, “better safe than sorry”. The safety of your funds is one of our priorities to take care of. And that is something we keep on working unceasingly to improve. We have added a few more tools to help you keep your account secure. Thus, from now on, you can use 2FA or SMS or Google Authentication while connecting to your account.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication is another extra level of security for your account. Usually, you have to enter your password to log in to your account. With 2FA, you need to enter your password, which is the first verification factor, and then a code sent via SMS or a prompt through an authentication app, which is the second factor.

That would be way more difficult for a malicious third party to steal both your password and hijack your phone connection to log in to your account. Take advantage of the extra level of security. Be safety-minded.

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