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Verifo is a modern payment platform for your contemporary international business. We offer an integrated solution to make international wire transfers, collect funds from customers and manage finances.

Individual IBAN

You can start collecting payments immediately after you open free IBAN account online.

SEPA & SWIFT payments

Send money to bank accounts worldwide. Easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Debit Card Coming

Debit card is integrated into the app so you can control your spending, block and retire the card instantly.

White-label Solutions

Verifo is EU regulated Electronic Money Institution offering SWIFT and SEPA payments to international companies. We have completed the licensing processes, regulatory and infrastructure integrations and the development of a modern payment software so you would not have to.

Become an officials Authorized Partner to issue IBAN's for your clients, obtain access to the EU market and expand your product offering with Verifo.

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Your Business

We offer an array of tools for cash flow optimisation including sub-accounts, multiple users, 3rd party payments and many more.

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We speak your language, both on our website and your favourite messaging apps.

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